Greg and I took to the roof before yesterday’s gig and played The Heron overlooking the ocean as the sun set. I found it very inspiring to sing this song whilst watching the seagulls and other birds soar around our heads.



Natalie Reed

I know it’s hard to be successful as independent but i can see that you have enough talent to make all your dreams come true!
I wish you all the best and stay blessed!
We Fans will support you and I’ll spread the word as much as i can!
Blessed beyond measure and happy to bless others! Each day is a gift another day to get and give love to others and be thankful for even the smallest of moments!


Thank you Natalie – I very much appreciate your comments and your energy! You seem like a beautiful soul and your positivity is wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me!
Much love!


Hey, I personally think that it shows that you
are more musically gifted if you can bring us different kinds of music than just playing the same thing tune after tune. I like your music very much because of its diversity and you are not tryin’ to repeat yourself or any artist out there. I appreciate the creativity
you put into your music style.
From a true fan of all your music.


Hi Cliff šŸ™‚ thanks so much for taking the time to write. I’m so glad you enjoy the variety and individuality within my songs – I hope to see you from the stage some time!


Hi! If I were walking along the streets of New York at night, contemplating and wondering, The Heron would be the tune in the background. My love for this one will never fade away.

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