DiElle LIVE @ Spire Church, Farnham
Supporting Ryan Young & David Foley

October 14th, 7pm

LHN Artwork

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The EP ‘Love, Hope, Nostalgia’ is a collection of platonic, romantic, and sensual love songs, from unconditional love to heartbreak. Mostly acoustic, and simple but polished productions. Includes covers and originals that will stir fond memories. (Please note there is no ticket with this purchase, you can scroll up to get tickets directly from the venue – thank you friend!) 

OGOG - Album Cover (1)

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The album ‘One Girl, One Guitar’ is a a collection of acoustic songs, of simple production. I began this project in September 2022, releasing a new acoustic album every 2 weeks. Own the collection on CD? (Please note this purchase does not include a ticket – scroll up to buy tickets directly from the venue – thank you friend!)