dielle-acoustic-club-compressedDiElle, a singer-songwriter hailing from the idyllic village setting of Wickham, has knack for hard hitting, brutally honest lyrics, an ear for soaring melody and a voice that could bring a tear to the eye of even the most stone hearted souls. DiElle is currently writing her third studio album, and composing for film production companies in Hollywood. Accompanied by John Gleadall on guitar and vocals and Chris Wood on bass and vocals, DiElle will also be performing songs that have influenced her from the golden era of pop – The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, Carole King, Bob Dylan, The Hollies and more – in the acoustic, three part vocal harmony style that she loves. The trio, also known as ‘Just The Three Of Us’ have enjoyed playing festivals and events this summer, having returned from a short tour in Switzerland in the Spring.

Includes a feature on Bob Dylan with some of the greatest of Bob’s hits.

Tickets will be available directly from The Ashcroft Arts Centre

01329 223100




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