What’s your Patronus?

Some of you would have answered that, and some of you would have thought ‘what’s a Patronus?’

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

If you’re not, it’s still a very touching story, so please do read on!

For various reasons, I am, and some of my favourite people are. The creative in me loves the intricacy of the story, and whilst I’m not generally one to get sucked into hype, I do love a bit of Pottermania. Years ago when I was having a really hard time, I decided to read the books from start to finish for a bit of escapism. I thought to myself – by the time I’ve finished these books, this will all be over. And it was. That was my first reason for having an affection for Harry Potter.

More recently, at the urging of my step-daughter (who is a huuuuge fan) we went along to the website where you can be sorted into your Hogwarts house, and find out your Patronus. (I’m a Hufflepuff, white stallion) For those of you still reading who are not in the know, the Patronus charm ‘expectus  Patronum’ is the spell that protects you from the soul-destroying beings, Dementors who will suck out your soul. Urban legend has it, the Dementors symbolise depression.

In 2017, you may know, my gorgeous step-daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Our world was shattered. During her fight, her very talented artist cousin (@artbylaurenuk) painted her a canvas of her own hand casting her Patronus charm. In art form, the language that she spoke, she was encouraging my step-daughter not to lose hope, and not to give in to the terror she was feeling at the time. Knowing what this would mean to our daughter, I was so touched. It’s an amazing painting, and the thoughtfulness behind it was just beautiful. It’s a stunning piece of artwork which took her hours to paint. Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, I hope you can see the gorgeous gesture between these two lovely young ladies that gave a frightened child hope and courage. It inspired me and moved me to tears!

This painting was so popular, people started asking for their Patronuses (Patroni? Patronii?) and of course I got mine, as a piece of digital artwork, but I wasn’t really sure what to do with it..

When back from our 2018 trip to Los Angeles to record with Bill Lefler, I was looking for suitable artwork for the new song. Entitled ‘Strong’ and inspired by the incredible people around me, my Patronus seemed the perfect fit. We had even been gifted tickets to Harry Potter world at universal studios by the recording studio when we were in California. It all seemed to fit.

The image of the White Stallion is the spell of my Patronus being cast that Lauren created for me. It’s a symbol of strength that epitomises the message this song carries for all people in difficult situations.

Although I sing ‘Strong’ in the first person, I’m really the recipient of these lessons that I learned through this experience. Other people have taught me how to be strong. Read on below for the lyrics.

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Best wishes to you!

Much love and many thanks as always for being a supporter of my music.




Don’t listen to the poison of the boys and girls who have given up
Don’t give in to the treaty that what’s easy is going to be enough
Let your heart say 

They’re telling you it’s over, there’s no hope for the dream that you once had
They’re telling you to put up, and shut up, you’re nothing without them
But it’s a new day

Keep fighting somehow
The time is always now
I’m gonna show you, show you how to be strong
It’s not over when you’re still breathing 
I’m gonna show you, show you how to be strong

Stop looking for the answer, take a chance on the things you can’t control 
Stop worrying that someone is gonna outrun you to someone else’s goal
Make you’re own way. 

Keep fighting somehow
The time is always now
I’m gonna show you, show you how to be strong
It’s not over when you’re still breathing 
I’m gonna show you, show you how to be strong


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