The Stories Behind The Songs





By way of thank you to everyone who has had a part in my music, this book is the fullest answer to the question I was asked more than any other ‘what was that song about then?’

The Stories Behind The Songs is three things.

A thank you, an account of my music, and an attempt to give music lovers an old-fashioned experience of new music in a new way.

So firstly, this book is a thank-you. Every listener who ever expressed connection with my music has formed part of my journey, which encouraged me to continue battling the tide of a life in the arts. For that I am extremely grateful, and I thank each one of you. In the beginning, I was too young to appreciate the compliment in the questions about my music and did not answer them well as a young artist. Now I am more comfortable in my own skin, I hope this book finds those of you who asked those questions, so you can get the answers you deserved back then. As well as those early adopters of my music, I, and the musicians I play with, are also extremely grateful to our current patrons, and we look forward to seeing you at another show sometime. You will have heard some of these stories, but not all of them.

Coming from a musical family, I began performing and writing at a young age, and secondly this book includes the full lyrics and gives the accounts of the circumstances, as a snapshot in time, that inspired the songs on my three studio albums

Beautiful Monday, Fearless and Together, single Strong and latest EP Candlelight. Whilst the accounts are very personal, this is not an autobiography of me, but of my music.

The Stories Behind The Songs includes personal narratives that inspired the music; of how losing my childhood friend Geoffrey spurred me on to wrestle my fears and pursue my dreams of music and travel. How I found immense strength in my teenage stepdaughter Caitlin as she faced cancer, and so many other accounts of great joy, friendship and love.

Spanning my formative years and early career up to the present day, each song tells a tale of adventure or adversity, love and loss, tragedy, travel or triumph.

And thirdly, in the age of streaming and downloads, I wanted to bring back the excitement that I used to feel when buying new music. When it was something you could hold in your hand. Being an old soul, I wanted to rekindle some of the excitement that I used to feel when buying new music. This book is a new release in my view, and I wanted to put something back in your hand. Music used to be something you could hold, feel and see. When I bought new music in my formative years, I would devour the album from cover to cover, reading ever lyric, note and message from the artist, and stare at the artwork for hours. I’d sleep with them in my bed and carry them around in my pockets It gave me a deeper sense of connection with the music, and I hope The Stories Behind The Songs brings you a little of that feeling.


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